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Feature Article:
Sustainable Phosphorus Recovery From Wastewater
July 2015

A new approach to wastewater treatment may be key as part of efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Moreover, it can be profitable.

Guest Article:
Playing it Forward: The Benefits of Fun in the Workplace
July 2015

To have fun or not to have fun? That is the question.

By: Nat Measley

Climate Change Effecting Frequency, Intensity of Hurricanes
July 3, 2015

Climate change may be the driving force behind fewer, yet more powerful hurricanes and tropical storms, says a Florida State geography professor.

ASHRAE Issues Call for Comments - Standard 41.7-1984R
July 3, 2015

ASHRAE has issued an invitation for comments on ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 41.7-1984R, Standard Methods for Gas Flow Measurement.

Brain’s Response Could Replace Passwords
July 2, 2015

You might not need to remember those complicated e-mail and bank account passwords for very much longer. According to a new study, the way your brain responds to certain words could be used to…

New Coating May Reduce Intensity of Laser Attacks
July 1, 2015

A recently published Journal of Aviation Technology and Engineering (JATE) article shows Lewis University researchers have created a coating for aircraft that reduces pilot distraction from laser attacks.

Drought Conditions Not Mitigated By Tropical Storms
July 1, 2015

Popular opinion says that tropical storms and hurricanes that make landfall mitigate droughts in the southeastern United States.

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